Azure AD Connect 1.1 released!

Azure AD Connect

And it’s about time too. The updates found in version 1.1 have been much awaited for, and to be honest, should have been released in the initial version. Key features, such as selective OU sync, and a sync interval of less than 3 hours, was way overdue. Yes, these options were configurable by other means, but they were not easy to get to, and the having a sync interval of less than 3 hours was not a supported configuration by Microsoft, despite us configuring it here, and for our clients.

Now, the sync interval is down to 30 minutes- which is still far too long, and selecting particular OUs to sync, can be done via the wizard. The other significant module to be added, is automatic upgrades. This allows AADC to be updated automatically when new versions are released.

There are also some other features worth knowing about. They can be found in the Technet blog here, and AADC 1.1 can be downloaded here.