Microsoft Teams unveiled

Microsoft has recently unveiled their new collaborative, chat-based workspace from within Office 365. It’s called Microsoft Teams, it’s in beta, and is open for use now! Watch the video below for more information.  

Free Windows 10 upgrade ends July 29

We were told that Microsoft would only provide a free upgrade to Windows 10 for a limited time – and that time is nearing. As of July 29 2016, Microsoft will stop nagging users to upgrade to Windows 10, and will also stop offering the free upgrade. There have been multiple administration tools created, to solely […]

Ransomware finally makes its way to Apple computers

The latest in ransomware viruses have made their way to Apple computers. It was only a matter of time before a ransomware variant was made to infect Apple Mac computers. On Monday 7/03/2016, the ransomware virus KeRanger was discovered. KeRanger will encrypt your files and then request payment to unlock them. At this stage, it’s unsure as […]

Azure AD Connect 1.1 released!

And it’s about time too. The updates found in version 1.1 have been much awaited for, and to be honest, should have been released in the initial version. Key features, such as selective OU sync, and a sync interval of less than 3 hours, was way overdue. Yes, these options were configurable by other means, but […]

Yammer now available for all Office 365 accounts

There’s been some great news over the last week – and that’s that Yammer is being rolled out for all Office 365 tenants and automatically activated for all new Office 365 tenants. The schedule for the rollout is detailed below. Wave 1 started February 3, 2016 and includes Office 365 customers with a business subscription […]

Microsoft Office 365 First Release

Ever heard of first release? First release is a feature that administrators can opt in, either for select users, or the entire organisation. First release gives these users the ability to try out the new functions and features of any of the Office 365 products before they go into general availability. Want to try it out? […]

FindTime add-in for Microsoft Outlook

One of the biggest problems of scheduling meetings with multiple parties, is finding a time that everyone can make. Microsoft has been building an add-in for Outlook which allows meeting attendees to vote on the best times for a meeting. Once all members vote unanimously, it is then automatically booked and the invites are sent […]

New OneDrive Sync tool available for Windows and OSX!

Microsoft has finally released their next generation sync tool for both Windows and Mac OSX. The new client boasts the following: – Sync up to a 10GB files – Removal of the 20,000 file sync limit – Sync only selected folders   Although the windows application is fairly easy to use, there’s a couple of […]

Unlimited OneDrive for Business Storage

In late 2015, Microsoft announced unlimited storage for OneDrive for Business, and the plans have now been laid out. Microsoft Office 365 customers who have Enterprise E3, E4 or E5 plans, will get the unlimited storage. Education, OneDrive for Business plan 2, SharePoint Online plan 2, and Government E3, E4, and E5 plans will also […]

Skype for Business Android App now Available!

A small announcement, but worth the mention – Skype for Business app for Android has entered general availability. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. If you have the Microsoft Lync app, you will be prompted to update to Skype for Business. For more information, and a list of FAQs, check out this […]