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Office 365

Office 365 allows you to collaborate on projects and innovations, access documents and files, share email, calendars and contacts. Do it all in the cloud– easily, securely, wherever you are.

Office 365 Online Business

What does this mean?

Save your business time, effort and money. The software, servers, security and backups which businesses used to have to build and maintain onsite are taken care of offsite by Microsoft.

It’s also mobile. Office 365 takes all the functionality of Microsoft Office and makes it accessible in the cloud. This means Office documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more can be created, edited and shared on the internet without compromising ease of use. Users can also access online conferencing, use enhanced file sharing, and build an online presence in a robust and secure environment.

4 Reasons why your business should make switch

1. Low cost

Plans start at as little as $5 per month per user keeping costs down and predictable.

2. Installations and upgrades are a thing of the past

Because Office 365 operates on the cloud, software installation, maintenance and upgrades occur automatically in the background, ensuring users always have access to the latest software.

3. Mobility

Office 365 can be used on any device with an internet-connected browser. Productivity has never been so mobile.

4. Security

By storing files in the cloud you are protected from data loss caused by hardware failures and other onsite problems.

Office 365 is your business in the cloud.

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